E-Z Guide Hydrant Safety Marker BenefitsSafe near schools and playgrounds.


Rust Proof Lifetime Base - the base of our product should never need replacing with normal use. Its aluminium body offers excellent resistance to the elements and easily folds out of the way when the hydrant is being used.

"Hands Free" work at the hydrant, no more straining to bend a spring loaded rod out of the way.

No Tools Needed - once the safety marker is installed, no tools are needed for its operation. In fact, operation is intuitive.

Tamper Resistant / Injury Reduction - the marker is designed to not be used as a weapon, as many spring loaded units seem to be, so it is ideal for use near playgrounds and schools. In addition maintenance and emergency services staff will find it reduces injuries as well.

Bright Red & White - easily locate the hydrant both day and night.

No Fiberglass Splinters!! - most competitive units use an inferior fiberglass rod, over time these break down and produce painful, even disabling splinters.

E-Z Guide Products manufactures innovative fire hydrant safety markers used by counties, cities and municipalities to safely mark fire hydrants. Featuring high visibility reflective 3M Scotchlite™ our safety markers make it easy to find hydrants in areas where snow, tall grass and foliage make it difficult to locate a fire hydrant. Finding a hydrant can make a dramatic difference when your fire department is responding to an emergency situation.